Jakob Keck founded his company in 1900 as a family enterprise, located at the residential and business premises, Lemberger Street no.13 in Pirmasens. At this time, he mainly manufactured products for Shoe -Care and Repair of Shoes as well as products for conserving floors.

After the end of the 2nd World War, when Mr.Jakob Keck died, his widow Mrs.Anna Keck, continued the family business. She was supported by her sister and her brother in law, Johanna and Julius Scheurich.
In 1949, when Mrs.Anna Keck died, the Scheurich couple succeeded her in the enterprise.
In 1958, the company founder's grand-nephew, Mr.Erich Schorr, was called to Pirmasens.
 He brought along his experience of the chemical industry and expanded the product range of the company.
The introduction of synthetic materials into the shoe-manufacturing industry required the development of  new product lines.
Company KECK delivered the first lacquers for Polystyrene Heels, Finishing Products and Repair-Paints.
Due to the expanded usage of synthetic materials and the changed production techniques in the shoe factories, the demand for KECK products increased so much that the capacity of the previous production facility  was no longer sufficient.
For that reason, the enterprise moved in 1966 into the new buildings at Zweibruecker Street.
In 1971, after Mr. Julius Scheurich's death, Mr.Erich Schorr, continued the business.
The gym-shoe fashion in the 70's demanded for new sole materials. Polyurethanes (PUR) conquered the shoe-manufacturing industry.
Again company KECK  was in a leading position in developing new products like Release Agents and Lacquers for PUR. The worldwide increasing demand for the new products forced another extension of the enterprise.
In 1975, the Spanish subsidiary Chelafi S.A. was founded.
In the meanwhile, this company changed its name into KECK España.
In reaction to the huge demand in the French market, KECK Chimie S.A. at Ingwiller / Elsaß was founded in 1980.
At the same time, a facility for mixing colours along with a warehouse were built in Cholet / Anjou.
Due to the development of new Polyurethane Adhesives, KECK-France quickly reached the leading position in the market.
In the 80`s, Keck started with development and marketing of products for the Automotive- and Technical Industry  in order to reach new markets and a clientele, outside the shoe industry.

Today the trademark „KECK“ associates development and production of high quality chemicals, worldwide in use.

„KECK“ -  more than 100 years  QUALITY-EXPERIENCE-SERVICE




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